J4intech and ibd Business Advice Group

ibd Business Advice Group Ltd was created to help improve the performance and profitability of companies of all sizes. With over 200 specialist advisers across the UK, ibd has developed a 'bank' of specialists that all businesses, from SMEs to larger corporations, can call on for advice and guidance. The same advisors can also work 'hands on' with management teams to implement solutions.
ibd advisors come from a variety of backgrounds, from smaller companies to multinationals, but all have board-level experience in the UK.  Advisors provide an agreed amount of hands-on consultancy at a client's offices or off site, depending on the requirement. This can include representing directors at meetings with banks or clients, assistance with sales, marketing, finance, corporate governance, IT systems, improving profitability, reducing costs, or any guidance to help a company further its aims and interests

Advantages for our clients
As an Accredited Member of ibd Business Advice Group, J4intech's consultant has access to the full resources of ibd to complement their skills and expertise.
If appropriate, we can review your current business position and identify areas of improvement.  The Business Review is similar to a SWOT analysis, but much more in depth, informative and useful to a managing director.  At the end of the review we will be able to identify money losses, weaknesses within the company, and opportunities for growing your business and how to withstand threats.  Following on from this we will identify how to maintain your company's strengths, improve weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities, and curb money loss.
In working with you to improve your business, J4intech's consultant will act as your project manager.  We will source the appropriate specialist(s) from the ibd advisors list.  We may appoint someone we have worked with previously or bring a specialist in from another part of the country.  Usually however, the right specialist can be found within easy travelling distance of your premises.  The choice will be discussed with you before the work is confirmed.  In this way you will have some idea of the type of person and their experience before they start work in your company.

Advantages for J4intech
ibd gives us access to a network of management resources to complement our offering.  In addition, ibd are committed to supporting members in their own professional development.  ibd enable them to develop identified specific skills through their comprehensive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme.