Future of Manufacturing in the UK

Report: “Future of manufacturing a new era of opportunity and challenge for the UK”

This recent Government Report (30th October 2013) contains some interesting statistics, for example:

“Research and Development (R&D): Manufacturing businesses are more likely to engage in R&D. 41% of manufacturing businesses with 10 or more employees allocated resources to R&D in 2010 compared with an average of 23% of businesses in other sectors.

Throughout 2000-2011, 72-79% of total UK R&D expenditure was associated with manufacturing.”

“Innovation: Manufacturers are more likely to innovate. In 2010, 26% of manufacturing businesses with 10 or more employees carried out process innovation compared with less than 14% for non-manufacturers, and 44% undertook product innovation (less than 26% for non-manufacturers).”

The report is looking out to 2050 and its summary outlines the need for change from Government and Industry….”These changes will present major opportunities for the UK to develop competitive strengths in new and existing areas, but they will also present considerable challenges and threats, not least through increases in global competition. It will be essential for government and industry to work together to forge new policy frameworks and develop measures so that manufacturing is able to fulfil its full potential for contributing to UK economic growth and prosperity, and in rebalancing the economy”

The full report can be found here