Research shows longer due diligence in M&A is linked to significant increase in deal success *

This recent study provides real evidence to support the widely held belief that a longer due diligence process results in better deal-making by acquirers.

Obvious perhaps, but consider if you could improve your level of due diligence without impacting the time taken.
Could that give you a similar advantage?
Could you, perhaps, benefit from having a second opinion from a technology specialist?

J4intech offers a technical due diligence service assessing companies operating in the technology arena which can be tailored to customers’ specific requirements. It is based on our practical experience of operating in technology start-up and global organisations and typically includes assessment of the idea/concept, its implementation and the processes and people associated with it. Alternatively, we can offer a second opinion on the information you have already gathered as part of your processes.

Additionally, post funding, we are able to provide interim consultancy to your technology based investments on technical and implementation aspects of their business.

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Conducted by Intralinks in association with the M&A Research Centre (MARC) at Cass Business School, City University London, the report titled “When no-one knows: pre-announcement M&A activity and its effect on M&A outcomes,” is based on research on a sample of 519 publicly announced M&A transactions between 2008 and 2012